Free in-home measurements


Free in-home measurements in St. Clair, Monroe, Madison, Clinton Counties, Edwardsville and surrounding areas

We Know the Importance of Precise In-Home Measurements
Our installation professionals know just how serious even small measurement errors can be. Here’s how we avoid them completely for perfect installations!

A&H Flooring, LLC has been supplying and installing all types of flooring for residential and commercial customers in St. Clair, Monroe, Madison and Clinton Counties for many years. During this time, we have been called upon to correct frequent in-home measurement errors made by others that had costly and time consuming ramifications. In the final analysis, we know that it just makes good sense to let experienced professionals make your in-home measurements.

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Free In-Home Measurements
Accurate measurements avoid unnecessary problems
While taking out a measuring tape and measuring a room’s floor area accurately may seem simple enough, you’d be surprised to know how many people don’t get it right. Some folks don’t use the correct tools, while some others don’t understand what the numbers really mean. Incorrect in-home measurements can be a serious and costly problem just waiting to happen. This is especially true if it results in ordering the wrong amount of flooring material so that there isn’t enough to finish the project.
A&H Flooring, LLC just can’t afford to get residential or commercial measurements wrong, so we don’t. Doing so would impact our professional reputation negatively and waste time and money. When you select us to measure your home, we will give you all the information you require to make the proper choices for your project the measurements will be exactly right whether it is for carpet, hardwood, tile or any other flooring material. When you choose A&H Flooring, LLC in Belleville do the free in-home measuring you can depend on:

  • A&H Flooring, LLC will accurately measure all necessary areas in your home or business
  • Professionals make the measurements: Only our experienced, licensed professionals will do your measuring.
  • Details are provided: We provide you with a detailed list that clearly shows you the all the measurements we made
  • Convenience: Since we come to your home or business, you will enjoy the convenience of never having to leave your home.
  • Flexible Scheduling: We know how busy you may be, so we create a flexible schedule that meets your needs
  • Good Advice: We provide you with professional advice on how to move ahead with your remodeling project.
  • Quality: A&H Flooring, LLC helps you choose excellent quality materials at an affordable price

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